The Real Estate Natural

A house in harmony with nature

The trend is towards organic, whether on your plate, in your clothes, in your jewellery… and even in your home. Do you want to leave as little waste as possible when you pass over the land? Do you want a house that blends into a natural setting? Do you like noble and lively materials? Come and visit this bioclimatic house!

This house is organized around a central core with high thermal inertia.

The orientation of the house allows it to capture the sun on its southern side, without being open to the view of the slightest passer-by, thanks to the imagination of the architects, who have created geometric and well thought-out spaces that allow light to enter your home, without this hindering your privacy.

All this thanks to accessories such as roller shutters, adjustable sun shades and sun protection by overhangs. The air conditioning will also be natural thanks to the installation of mini openings facing due north.

On the south side of the roof of the perpendicular semi-underground garage are installed solar collectors for domestic hot water.

A real natural bird’s nest.

harmony with the elements

This bioclimatic house opens onto a natural pond to the west. The architects therefore respected the layout constraints such as the constructability limit, the geobiological study and the secondary lateral orientation of the house to the south. It was therefore unthinkable for this house to have a concrete pool. The architects therefore simply used the available elements. The result is exceptional, both in terms of quality of life and view inside the house, as well as in terms of external appearance. The house literally blends into the scenery. And what could be better than a natural space just below your home, allowing the fauna and flora to live in harmony with you.

motto: transparency

The architects have imagined a house that is as natural as possible. They have favoured noble materials such as beech, glass, while adding a small touch of metal, giving the interior of this house an impression of nature, calmness and space.

The use of sliding shutters lowers the indoor temperature, while leaving a beautiful view of the pond below.

The central stove allows you to heat the whole house thanks to the opening of the staircase on all the floors of the house. The ground floor has a heated floor and rainwater is collected for the use of toilets and washing machines. Natural, we tell you!

technology in the service of nature

Make no mistake about it, the architects of this little jewel have used cutting-edge technologies to imagine this refined fireplace. They used 3D to simulate the sunshine. This protects the house from the heat while allowing a bird’s eye view of the entire property below. They bring this magnificent facade to life according to your desires and bring a lot of light to your interior.

We can therefore appreciate here a complete project, having taken into account all the geological requirements of the terrain, where we can easily imagine spending happy days in this little corner of paradisiacal nature. Rain, sun, cold… all the elements have been taken into account so that this house is as autonomous as possible in terms of energy.

We do not know the requirements of their clients, but we can say a big bravo to the architects who have succeeded here in creating a beautiful mix between nature and innovation.